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About Final Approved Regulations: The regulations posted on this page have been approved, or deemed approved, by the Legislative Regulation Review Committee and filed with the Secretary of the State. They are posted to the eRegulations System in final approved form and subsequently incorporated into The Regulations of State Agencies (RCSA)-Connecticut’s version of a state administrative law code.

Effective Dates: Final approved regulations become effective upon posting to the eRegulations System or at a later date if specified in the regulation. Specific sections are generally effective until superseded by amendment, repeal, legislative action or judicial action. During a declared state of emergency, the Governor may temporarily modify or suspend a regulation.

Please note: The Office of the Secretary of the State does not certify the current or past effective status of any posted regulation or section thereof.

Regulations started prior to March 23, 2015: Final Approved Regulations for regulations that began the regulation-making process prior to March 23, 2015 and were adopted on or after July 1, 2013, can be found on the Final Approved Regulations (2013-2017) page.